Hi Michele.
I've made up a short story just with Dylan's songs titles which I thought could be interesting for you and MF followers. I will send you the highlighted version with the correct answers shortly after you have worked it out and told me how many you can find.
Have fun and good luck!
P.S. The short story is dedicated to Dario "Twist of fate" and all the other Italian budding authors.

Monday Morning At The Office

A letter arrived on his desk. It read:

“Dear Landlord,

If it was up to me and not Queen Jane, I would like to be your number one and take you to that million dollar bash. But, as she is your lover now, and I need a solid rock, I’ll be going with Joey instead.

Your Faithfully,


Letters of abandoned love and other problems of the heart, was nothing new to him but this one made no sense at all!

He called over to Ramona “Who the hell put this rubbish here? I’m sick of trying to resolve everyone else’s problems. This heart of mine, can only take so much.”

“Sorry Sir, no idea. Try asking Sara.”

He had worked at “Teen Magazine” for the last seven years, “seven curses” he calls it, and time passes slowly when you are not having fun. He threw down his morning paper and caught a glance at the football results. “Shit! Portsmouth lost again! I know we have all got to serve somebody, but oh sister, enough is enough!”

“It’s not all doom and gloom Sir!” called out Isis.

“I don’t believe you” replied John Brown over in the corner, trying to get one more cup of coffee from the machine. “It’s all a mixed-up confusion.” he adds.

“No, some things have changed.” replied Isis “That farmer boy Hollis Brown he had that romance in Durango then took the slow train to Mozambique. And that Brownsville girl, who was engaged with that jet pilot? She flew a million miles with that señor then left the groom waiting at the altar, and went to live happily ever after with some joker man in the highlands.”

By the time 6:00 o’clock slowly but surely arrived, he had already made a decision. He asked Hazel, the long-standing faithful of the office: “Be honest with me. Tell me: what good am I? You know, if it was up to me I would have been down the high way and beyond the horizon years ago. I’ve got my mind made up: I will throw this lousy job in and head for Santa Fe or some other warmer climate”

She stared long and hard at me with her usual unsympathetic eyes “If you got to go, go now! And maybe some day you will but you ain’t going nowhere for now! You know you’re living in a series of dreams. When are you gonna wake up?

And so it came to pass that our hero lives on to fight another day and survive another year! As Lennon and McCartney sang “Isn’t he a bit like you and me?”.

by Dean