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IMPORTANT WORDS  (Wanted Man, 1 cd)

Hollywood, Sunset Studios, Aprile 1987  (Down In the Groove sessions)
Hollywood, Cherokee Studios, Dicembre 1984  (Empire Burlesque sessions)

Tracklist: (1) Just When I Needed You Most, Important Words, When Did You Leave Heaven, Willie And The Hand Jive, Twist And Shout.
(2) In The Summertime, In The Summertime, In The Summertime, Freedom For The Stallion, Freedom For The Stallion, Freedom For The Stallion, seven unidentified instrumentals, In The Summertime

Bootleg decisamente interessante in quanto contiene brani dalle sessions di Empire Burlesque che non sono presenti in nessun altro boot. In realtà non si tratta tecnicamente di prove di canzoni per l’album, ma di cover suonate per divertimento. Se In The Summertime risulta alla lunga abbastanza noiosa (numerosi takes tutti uguali), Freedom For The Stallion è alquanto interessante. Una discreta canzone  provata con ritmi diversi.
Il cd contiene inoltre le sessions di Down In The Groove.


INFIDELS SESSIONS  (Reference Recording, 2 cd)

 New York, Power Station, 11 Aprile- 8 Maggio, 1983  (Infidels sessions)

Sweetheart Like You, Tell Me, Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart, Death Is Not The End, Julius And Ethel, This Was My Love, Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground, Blind Willie McTell, Jokerman, Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight, This Was My Love, Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground, Sweetheart Like You, Dark Groove, Son't Fly Unless It's Safe, Tell Me, Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart, Foot Of Pride, Lord Protect My Child, Blind Willie McTell, Union Sundown, Clean Cut Kid, Union Sundown, I And I, Sweetheart Like You (8 rehearsal takes)


Alternativo a ROUGH CUTS. Il contenuto è uguale.


TEMPEST STORM  (Theramin, 1 cd)

Empire Burlesque outtakes

New Danville Girl, Tight Connection To My Heart, Clean Cut Kid, I'll Remember You, Seeing The Real You At Last, Something's Burning, Trust Yourself, Emotionally Yours, When The Night Comes Falling, Never Gonna Be The Same Again, Waiting To Get Beat, Straight A's In Love, The Very Thought Of You, Driftin' Too Far From Shore, Who Loves You More, Go 'Way Little Boy

Bootleg alternativo a ‘OUTSIDE THE EMPIRE’, nel senso che contiene gli stessi brani, in qualità altrettanto buona, se non addirittura leggermente superiore.

Alessandro Cavazzuti

sito italiano di Bob Dylan

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